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Chelsea Ship's Bell Barometers get New Dial Design

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Chelsea Clock announced that it's design team had redesigned and updated the dials of all Chelsea Ship's Bell Barometer models.

This overall redesign follows the short fused "re-design" of the 4 1/2" and 6" Dial Ship's Bell Barometer models last year, due to loss of supply of the small tube thermostat that used to be included at the bottom of the dial.

Like many we are always skeptical on "redesign", but Chelsea Clock got this one right!

Gone is the useless and cluttered "Centimeter" scale, which has allowed for a focus on the two remaining scales that people actually use - and the dial text and "Holosteric Barometer" has been updated.

The update applies to all models.

Overall this Chelsea Ship's Bell Barometer Dial update is much better - but we do miss the thermos in the 4 1/2" and 6" models.

Of course, this also means a new dial is out there, so collectors should love the chance to add another round of "new" Chelsea Barometers to their collections.

See them here and check it out!

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