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Featured Product: Tidepieces Fire Island Tide Clock

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Tidepieces Fire Island Tide Clock - If you know Fire Island, then you know how folks move their stuff around using the iconic little red wagon. Apparently that goes for the crabs, too, as seen in this image (with Fire Island Lighthouse in the background) as the tide recedes.

The Tide rises and falls in the picture!

Each Tidepieces Tide Clock is handmade in the New England studio of artist Alan Winick, and features a precision tide clock, combined with a mechanically animated display that shows your local tide conditions in real time (East Coast U. S.).

There are 33 unique models available, each featuring a hardwood case available in your choice of 3 nautical colors, or a Premium Mahogany case ($40 additional).

Whether you enjoy the beach, boating, fishing, surfing, or just love the ocean, these special pieces will grace a wall or mantel in your beach house,  business space, or home.

Makes a truly unique gift - ON SALE NOW! 

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