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Product Announcement: Tidepieces Tide Clocks No Longer Available at

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Effective April 3, 2017, Tidepieces Tide Clocks will no longer be available at We regret this, and apologize for any inconvenience to our customers.

Windward Instruments (owner/operator of has been a Tidepieces Dealer for over 10 years, and was instrumental in helping launch Tidepieces and promote the brand online.

Windward Instruments has fulfilled most Tidepieces orders via Drop Shipment directly to the customer from Tidepieces.

The reason for this change:

In a surprise announcement from Alan Winick, owner of the Tidepieces brand, he has refused to continue drop shipments (shipment directly to retail customer) for 29 of the 33 models. This leaves only 4 Tidepieces models available for our drop ship customers.

Mr. Winick stated all Tidepieces models would be available if we agreed to meet new minimum order requirements, requiring us to purchase in larger quantity, thereby reducing Tidepieces cost, and increasing their profit.

Unfortunately many manufacturers who start online eventually find success in direct sales, or regional brick and mortar sales, and chose to abandon their online Dealers and customer base to maximize profit.

For this reason, Windward Instruments and will discontinue Tidepieces Tide Clocks.

Since 1999, Windward Instruments has supported online business and ecommerce platforms which are primarily drop shipment based. These platforms allow for a wider variety of selection, and quicker shipment to customers, and tend to reduce prices.

We are happy that Mr. Winick has found success with  regional direct sales, brick and mortar retailers, and trade shows. We regret his decision regarding drop shipment, and wish him success.




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