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D & D Barometers Weather Station in Light Oak -

D & D Barometers Weather Station in Light Oak

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D & D Barometers 3 Instrument Weather Station in solid wood, light oak color stain.  Barometer, Thermometer, Hygrometer.

The D&D Barometers 3 Instrument Weather Station, solid wood with light oak stained frame is a nautical classic. Featuring 3 weather instruments (Thermometer, Barometer, Hygrometer) with white dials and chrome bezels.

The barometer in the center enables the user to see the inside mechanism of the barometer. 

The top instrument is a Thermometer measuring in Fahrenheit and Celsius. The middle instrument is a Barometer measuring in inches and hectopascals, millibars, and features a see-thru center. The lower instrument is a Hygrometer measuring relative humidity in percent. 

The frame measure 13.5" long, 5" wide.  The instrument dials are 3" in diameter.

Made in Belgium.

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