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Downeaster Wind Speed and Direction with True Gust, Blue Dial

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The Downeaster Wind Speed & Direction with Tru Gust blue dial features a 6" combination Wind Speed and Direction on a single dial, in a highly polished and lacquered brass case, with wind speed scale AND an 8-LED wind direction function. Winds up to 120MPH (or 104 knots) are measured, and their direction indicated on the 8 points of the LED compass.

The "Tru-Gust" option lets you see with the push of a button, the highest recorded wind gust! Pushing a small button on the bottom of the instrument moves the needle to show the highest wind speed since last reset.

The Downeaster Wind Speed & Direction with Tru Gust is also available in White Dial model.

If you prefer a Brushed Nickel Case, please make that selection.

Includes: 6" Instrument, combination roof unit, 50 feet of wire, AC power plug, all necessary mounting hardware and instructions.

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