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Downeaster Wind Speed Indicator with Tru Gust

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The Downeaster Wind Speed Indicator with Tru Gust features a 6" Wind Speed Indicator in a highly polished and lacquered brass case, and the highest quality pivot and jewel movement with dual scale dial (to 120MPH or 104Knots), providing excellent performance from very low speeds to very high speeds.

The "Tru-Gust" option lets you see with the push of a button, the highest recorded wind gust! Pushing a small button on the bottom of the instrument moves the needle to show the highest wind speed since last reset.

If you prefer a Brushed Nickel Case, please make that selection.


Wind speed indicator instrument, wind speed generator cup assembly, 50 feet of wire, AC power plug, 14" mast, all necessary mounting hardware, and instructions.

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