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About BellClocks

Established in 1999 as a part time retail venture, Windward Instruments has evolved into a busy family owned retail dealership of fine clocks and weather instruments.   

Windward Instruments owns and operates and has sold thousands of products to customers around the world. Windward Instruments is an authorized dealer of every product we sell which allows us to provide the proper level of service to you.

Like you, we are concerned about safety and security online. We recognize the risks in providing private and sensitive information online. We do not require registration of any kind to shop, or place your order. We invite you to register, but we believe that choice should be yours.

The only time your information is needed is during actual check out and payment so that we can process your order. Our shopping cart is verified and certified secure by a third party online security specialist, has the property security certificate, and employs encryption (ssl/https) and other measures to protect your information. Any information you provide is stored on a secured server, behind firewalls similar to those employed by financial institutions.

Maybe you prefer not to order online - we have you covered! We also accept Money Orders by mail. Just check the Money Order payment button in the shopping cart.

We will not solicit you for business unless you specifically request to be contacted, or provide your consent. So ordering with us will not result in endless uninvited emails that you have to "unsubscribe" from - we just don't do it!.

We invite you to subscribe and/or sign up for information we provide, and always welcome your email or call asking about specials or pricing.

As we continue to add new products, we are focused on providing the service you have come to expect, and look forward to serving you!

We appreciate you!

The team.