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Ambient Weather WS-YG501 Galileo Thermometer, Hygrometer and Glass Fluid Barometer

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Ambient Weather WS-YG501 Galileo Thermometer, Hygrometer and Glass Fluid Barometer

Brand: Ambient Weather


  • The Galileo thermometer consists of a sealed glass tube that is filled with liquid and several floating bubbles. The bubbles are glass spheres filled with a colored liquid mixture.
  • Attached to each bubble is a little metal tag that indicates a temperature. These metal tags are calibrated counterweights.
  • The bubbles are calibrated by adding a certain amount of fluid to them so that they have the exact same density. So, after the weighted tags are attached to the bubbles, each differs very slightly in density (the ratio of mass to volume)
  • As the temperature of the air outside the thermometer changes, so does the temperature of the liquid surrounding the bubbles. As the temperature of the liquid changes, it either expands or contracts, thereby changing its density.
  • A narrow spout connects to the body below the liquid level and rises above the liquid level, where it is open to the atmosphere.

Warranty: One year parts and labor.

Details: Overall height: 11.4 inches tall
Barometer height: 5.9 inches
Number of glass balls: 5
Glass Galileo thermometer range: 64ºF to 80ºF
Temperature is determined by lowest floating bulb
Glass barometer globe with frosted world map
Low level of liquid in spout = high pressure and fair weather
High level of liquid in the spout = bad weather
Attractive wood base and wood framed hygrometer
Ambient Weather 1 year warranty
Add food coloring to customize the water barometer color (not included). Distilled water is recommended but not required (not included, water must be added to the barometer).

UPC: 857450002616

EAN: 0882564000753

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