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Chelsea Patriot Deck Tide Time Clock 6" Dial

  • $250.00

The Patriot Deck Tide Time Clock with 6" Dial features both 12-hour time and tide display on an easy-to-read white dial, with a red tide set hand for high visibility.

This clock is powered by a precision quartz movement. The case is made from phenolic - a high-impact, heat-resistant black resin that stands up to time and the elements.

Likewise, the lens is crafted from a durable, shatter-proof clear polycarbonate resin. Its hinged bezel and brass screw-bolt lock offers easy access for adjustments.

The Patriot Deck Tide-Time Clock mounts to most any surface and includes matching black mounting hardware. Designed to display tide readings for East Coast (USA) only.

The Patriot Deck Tide-Time is a companion piece to the Patriot Deck Clock , the Radio Room Clock ,Patriot Deck Tide Instrument and Patriot Deck Barometer (also pictured).

Also available in 8.5" Dial.



• 6" Dial
• Battery Included
• Easy to read dial
• Durable water & heat resistant black resin case
• Hinged bezel with brass screw bolt lock
• Clear, shatter-proof polycarbonate lense
• Matching black mounting hardware
• Quartz Movement
• Dimensions: 7 3/4" Dia X 3" Depth
• Weight: 2 lbs
• Two-Year Warranty

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