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Chelsea Patriot Deck Radio Room Clock 6" Dial

  • $215.00

The Chelsea Patriot Radio Room Clock with 6" Dial features a case made from phenolic resin - a high-impact, heat-resistant black resin that stands up to time and the elements.

Likewise, the lens is crafted from a durable, shatter-proof clear polycarbonate resin. Its hinged bezel and brass screw-bolt lock offers easy access for adjustments.

The Radio Room Clock mounts to most any surface and includes matching black mounting hardware. 

The Radio Room Clock is a companion piece to the Patriot Deck Barometer, Patriot Deck Time-Tide Clock and Patriot Deck Tide Instrument (also pictured).

Also available in 8.5" Dial.



• 6" Dial
• Battery Included
• Easy to read dial
• Durable water & heat resistant black resin case
• Hinged bezel with brass screw bolt lock
• Clear, shatter-proof polycarbonate lense
• Matching black mounting hardware
• Quartz Movement
• Dimensions: 7 3/4" Dia X 3" Depth
• Weight: 2 lbs
• Two-Year Warranty


Origin of the Radio Room Clock:

The sinking of the Titanic resulted in the Radio Act of 1912, requiring 24-hour radio watches at sea. The disaster also led to this clock design, which features two 3-minute periods marked in red, indicating Morse Code silence periods when only distress, urgent, and safety signals could be transmitted.Two green markings, likewise, designate silent periods on voice transmissions, where one would listen for or transmit distress signals. All ships and coastal stations kept a mandatory listening watch for such signals.

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